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This is a film I’ve mentioned before, Curious (1998), where a gay couple and a lesbian couple swap partners and find they enjoy straight sex as much as gay sex. The dominant top is finished off with a handjob and the blonde bottom cums inside pussy. It’s actually a really hot film, so watch it here; Part 1 & Part 2


I’ve never seen this story before, so I thought it was pretty hot:


“Oh my god !” She screamed. My cock was buried deep in her pussy. She was all vowels. “Oh! Oh-oh, don’t stop!” Then she tensed, and hit number forty-three. We’d been fucking each other for two weeks. In the beginning, it was hot because she liked it so much. I’d never seen anyone go that crazy over it in a very long time. My orgasm was coming on me a like a steam engine. I could feel the boiling in my balls. She shifted so I would be dicking her even deeper. I knocked something in her that made us both lose our breath. “Don’t stop,” she gasped.

It started out as a joke. But it was obvious after a while that I was interested in females. I didn’t notice until it was too late. I mean, my mind would scream at me from time to time. It would tell me to pull out and leave before things got any deeper. But I stayed. Her eyes kept me entranced. Jessica’s body danced in ways I’d never seen before. The promises she whispered kept me coming back. I was sprung, but I didn’t realize until it was too late and it was rolling over me like a squirrel under a Mack truck.

She had a boyfriend who worked for the Coast Guard. Every week, he would leave for twenty-four hours to stand guard over his base. He played the paper pusher on a regular day. When he came home from work, most times, he looked tired, drugged, and ready to slip into his unconscious. I felt uncomfortable around him, especially when he was tired. She told me not to be nervous, that they had an open relationship.

As the weeks went by, she would call more often, wanting to hang out. She offered to make me lunch. Lunch was a code word. Then she would start lamenting over her boyfriend. Shit like, “He’s tired all the time.” And: “He never wants to do anything.” The recipe was there.

My other friends had no idea. I told them I’d lost it to a girl. But they didn’t know who or how involved I was. I was worried about being called a liar, or a fake, and having my gay club card cut in half—which is only half a joke. As time went by, I came to realize I didn’t have to worry. The girl I was fucking would lead me away from the gay culture. We spent our days and nights fucking, broken only by the arrivals and departures of her boyfriend.

Underneath it all, there was a bond growing between our bodies. Something so permeating the sheets and covers caressed me at night in memory. That little place in my brain where thoughts of her lived eventually became renovated and grew to take over. The days we didn’t see each other I spent thinking about her. When I was with her, I was a different person. I was happy.

There was never a time when I consciously said to myself, “I’m not going to be gay anymore.” But it happened. Guys became less attractive. Not ugly and revolting, just … not what I was looking for. I felt my same-sex interest waning and it tortured me.

Did this mean I wasn’t gay after all? In the beginning I thought it would just be this one girl. But my list of girls I wanted to fuck kept growing. I was no longer attracted to other males. Even if I were gay to begin with, am I gay now ? I reasoned it away. What does gay mean , anyway? Am I gay because I’ve slept with a countless amount of guys? Because I have; that should count for something.

I was never as connected to the gay scene as I was in the months leading up to my trysts with her. But that was the gay scene ; I could take it or leave it. I told myself I never liked hanging out with queens anyway. I felt like I was turning my back on the community that raised me and taught me the values of “tolerance” and “freedom”. But I reasoned that away into the void, too.

For the first few months, I tried to over-compensate. I was gay . I liked cock . Pussy was just a warm, moist hole. I went to gay bars to prove my homosexuality to myself. Each night, was a different bar and a different man.

I would be desperate and he could tell. He’d make me worship his cock; then he’d flip me over and root me. That last part didn’t happen very often. Most of the time my “straight-acting” appearance would make him hungry, and I, being just as desperate as he, would follow him home.

Up until the moment, I would be digging his enthusiasm. He’d offer his mouth for my pleasure. I would relish it and reward him with a thick wad in the back of his throat. Then I’d push him down on the bed, on his stomach, and stick my tongue in his ass. I’d swirl, lick and nibble until he would squeal and beg me to stick it in. The moment of penetration always makes my knees weak.

John would moan and squirm as I stuffed my cock deeper yet. All the while, I would think of Jessica’s pussy. The way it smelled. How it felt when she was on top. I never failed to take in the minutiae. The most vivid memories were the most tactile. Then he’d say, “Oh god, I’m coming.” And I would realize what I was doing.

Those nights, after convincing him I didn’t want to mutually achieve an orgasm of my own, after going soft and trying, trying, trying to get hard again … . Those nights, after I failed, I would feel torn. Those nights would be the worst. There would be more episodes. But they all ended the same way.

I was frustrated because it wouldn’t work; because it felt wrong and I didn’t want it to. So I tried guys I used to have crushes on. I tried hot guys; dudes with six packs and asses of steel. I tried pretty boys and twinks. I tried older guys. Soon, the desperation turned to epiphany. I had to face the facts; I couldn’t fool myself any longer. I truly wasn’t attracted to men.

My whole life was built upon gay. My whole life was about the fighting and the teasing and the bullying I had when I came out. It was about the sin and the physical pleasures, the rebellion and anarchy of giving in to my animal tendencies. It was all negated. I felt like my whole life was a lie. I was scared; I would have to do it all again.

That was a horrible thing to admit, considering I was still involved with several gay non-profit organizations. I was terrified of letting anyone know my true feelings. I decided to get a cover—a guy named Henry, who didn’t mind that I didn’t want to have sex because he was asexual. Meanwhile I panicked. My cohorts were already beginning to notice my withdrawn attitude.

It was a stormy afternoon when I walked into the office. The sequence of events was eerily familiar. I felt twelve again, at the foot of my mother’s bed. It happened the same way, almost. They were sitting at the conference table. I was late for the conference. “I can’t work here anymore,” I told them. When they asked me why, my brain exploded, and the twisty-turny, nauseatingly illogical and wrong spewed forth. I told them I liked girls. That it had been at least a half a year since I was genuinely attracted to any guy. I was in love with a woman. Their eyes changed, then, and it was déjà vu when they asked me how I knew; if I was sure. But they made their minds up.

My gay friends told me it was a phase. Some told me I was greedy. I was bisexual. I couldn’t hack it in the gay world, so I had to move on to something easier. Some of them said I claimed to be gay all this time to build a network of hags I could boink anytime I wanted. They’d never say no. Someone told me he felt offended that I brought Jessica with me to so many functions. They all said they felt deceived and lied to. Henry, my cover, said the worst of all.

I left feeling rejected and spit upon. I never talked to them again. Jessica and I started going to movies or bowling instead of going to San Francisco . She took my mind away from “failure”, focused on us. We started meeting more often, since I had more free time. Our bond grew even stronger. Neither one of us mentioned how much time we were spending together. In truth, we didn’t notice.

One afternoon, we were lying in bed together. “I’m going to leave him,” She told me. It didn’t come as a surprise. They were fighting more. She was scared her boyfriend was losing interest; all that working he did had gone to his brain. I listened as she presented her case. I knew she wasn’t looking for opinion or advice. “… And then he comes home, and he’s so tired. All he wants to do is sleep. He makes me feel so … lonely.”

I woke to someone pounding at my door. She was wet and her knees were chattering. James’ truck was idling in the driveway. A black suit case and a green backpack, that looked stuffed full of clothes, were sitting at her heels. “Can I come in?” I moved aside and grabbed the luggage.

James and Jessica were over. Their break up wasn’t bad, but … . “He was really upset.” Jessica told me when she asked him to drive her over, he went on a tirade. Her parents lived a thousand miles away, so I was the only one she thought of that could help. She needed a place to stay until she could find another. She told me it was just for a week, a month at the most. Though I don’t think either of us expected her to be moving out any time soon.

It was like a honeymoon. You know how it goes: the days turned to weeks, turned to years. I was the happiest I’d ever been. I never thought I would have ended up in a long-term committed relationship with a woman. Before we knew it, two years had gone by and her boyfriend, James, was long forgotten. I was her boyfriend now. And it felt good.

I still ran into the people I used to call my friends. We would face each other awkwardly, and share the same casual small talk, waiting for the elevator, or in the line at the supermarket. They were forgotten, too, eventually. I had to force them out of my memory. The things that had been said to me were still painful, and I couldn’t look at any of them without feeling like I did before. So I avoided them. Those days, Jessica would notice a change in me. She could always cheer me up.

I don’t know if I will ever sleep with another male again. There is always a possibility, and it’s not my place to quantify it. All I know is that I’m with a beautiful, intelligent woman, whom I am completely infatuated with. That is good enough for me. I try not to identify myself by my sexual preference anymore. I think it’s too hard living in a world where you can change your identity by will, where your identity changes of its own will, and where sexual identity means more than it’s worth.

A Bear’s Proposition

My name's Tom and I consider myself to be a Bear, based on my lifestyle in
the gay community.  I work at having a pretty good body, which is also very
hairy on my chest, ass, stomach & legs.  I've got an 8-inch uncut cock and
huge hairy nuts.  My salt & pepper hair is flattop style, and I sport a
trimmed salt & pepper goatee, with a black mustache as well.  I'm 44 years
old and work at a department store in Dallas.

I work in the sportswear section of the Men's department, and I've been
completely frustrated by this blonde 22 year old college girl they hired to
work nights.  Jennifer talks on the phone with her boyfriend all the time,
shows up late often and leaves early as well.  The second I first saw her
boyfriend, I suddenly understood why she was so preoccupied!  Rob was JUST
my type in non-bear straight guys!  He was about 6'3", 190 lbs, 29 years
old, black hair and a black redneck mustache, the kind sort of like a fu
manchu.  He always wore Wranglers and cowboy-looking shirts.  I jacked off
so many times at home thinking about sucking his cock, having him fuck me,
and even fucking his hot round ass.  Jennifer could tell I lusted after
Rob, but I didn't care.  He was too fucking hot!

One evening, after the store had closed and we were closing the registers,
Jennifer asked me just how badly I wanted Rob.

"Totally, completely, very badly," I answered, my voice a bit hoarse just
thinking about that cowboy stud.

"Well," she continued, "he's kinda in the doghouse.  He fucked some bitch
behind a bar last week.  Claims it meant nothing, but he doesn't want to
lose me."

I nodded, wondering where she was going with this.

"He said he'd do anything I wanted, so I said I wanted to have a
three-way... and NOT with another girl!"


"So you're the one I want, Tom," she said with a salacious grin.

Sweat popped out on my forehead, and I said, "Jen, first off, I'm
gay. Second, I'm twice your age.  Third, I'm GAY."

"We can fix that," she purred.  "I've always had this Daddy fantasy, and
you are the hottest guy I've ever seen.  You get my cunt so hot and wet..."

"Jen!" I exclaimed, in amazement at her assertions.

"You want Rob, I want you.  He's up for it to make me happy.  Now all you
gotta do is make me cum," she said, standing so close to me I could swear I
smelled her infamous cunt juices.

"Um..." I was scrambling for excuses when the lights started going out,
signaling us to leave.  Jen swiftly took my face in her hands, pressed her
lips to mine, and, since my mouth was agape in shock, she stuck her tongue
inside until it touched mine.  I was shocked a thousand ways, but mostly by
the electricity that seemed to spark when our wet tongues met and then
intertwined.  I was actually kissing this young girl!  Jen threw her arms
around me, pressing her ample breasts against my heaving chest.  I found
myself wildly kissing back, not knowing what had come over me.  I reached
my hands up, not timidly, and forcefully grabbed her tits.  They felt

I heard myself moan in her mouth as she stroked my 8-inch hard-on through
my slacks.  Never before had I ever been intimate with a female, much less
got so damned hard for one I was passionately tongue-kissing.

The house lights flickered again, so we had to clock out.  Flustered, I
realized I had a huge pre-cum stain on my slacks... for this girl!  We left
without saying a word until we were outside.

"Jen, I am not heterosexual," I said on the way to my car, even as thoughts
raced through my head of our hot make-out session.

"Your dick was telling me otherwise," she smirked.  "So was your tongue in
my mouth."

She followed me to my car, and said, "Rob's waiting at home.  Drunk with
his 10 inch dick hard."  She could tell I was wavering.  "So, give me a
ride home?"

Despite my confusion at my obvious lust during my make-out session with
Jennifer, thoughts of a drunken hot hard Rob overwhelmed any doubts I had.
I just HAD to have his dick!  "Get in," I said, and we sped away.

On the way to their apartment, thoughts of my ultimate cowboy fantasy were
mingling with the fresh memories of tongue-kissing Jen, fondling her
breasts, the incredible hardness I felt then.  I was still very hard when
Jen suddenly leaned over and unzipped my trousers.  "Hey, I'm driving!" I
yelled, to which she replied, "Just keep your eyes on the road."

With her soft, silky feminine hand, she fished my hard gooey dick out of my
Calvins.  This was completely different than the more roughness of a man's
hand on my cock.  First she licked the precum from the slit of the big
mushroom head.  I was already moaning when she deep-throated me, all the
way down her throat to my pubes!  "Oh god," I moaned louder at the
cocksucking skills of this 22 year old girl.  "Oh FUCK!" I screamed as I
started blasting hot cum down her throat!

Jen sat up, wiped her mouth, and zipped up my pants.  I was left with
thoughts that I had had my first heterosexual orgasm... me, a gay Bear!
Breathing heavily in my post-cumming, driving became even harder as Jen
started sticking her tongue in my ear and sucking on my lobe. That drove me
WILD!  Then she unbuttoned my work shirt and started caressing my hairy gay
Bear chest as she kissed my neck.  I was in complete shock at how HOT this
girl was getting me! And I'm gay!

Somehow, though, I was beginning to feel different about the situation.
Rather than being the seduced one, I was feeling more... hetero?  I don't
know, but I decided to take charge with Jen.  Without saying a word, I
reached over with my right hand and put it under her skirt.  Of course,
this girl had no panties.  I moaned again when my middle finger found her
pussy and I started finger-fucking her.  Had these thoughts of exploring a
hot woman's body always been in my head, just sublimated?

I finger fucked her faster and deeper, rubbing my thumb on her clit.
Seconds later she gasped, "Oh god, Tom" and my hand was rewarded with her
flowing cunt juice.  I brought my hand to my face, tasted the sweet pussy
honey, and then rubbed it all over my mustache and goatee.  It was like I
was branding myself as a heterosexual just for this evening.

When we arrived at her apartment, I was feeling on her tits again and
thinking about fucking her.  Then we opened the door...

I could barely walk following Jen into her apartment.  My 8-inch uncut
cock, despite having been drained on the car ride over by Jen's hot mouth
and throat, was harder than ever at the thought of sucking the 10-inch dick
of her cowboy boyfriend Rob.  That, I realized, and the prospect of more
heterosexual contact with Jennifer.  Before tonight, I'd never had any kind
of sexual contact with a female, nor even thought about it once in my life.

There was Rob, passed out on the couch, with about 10 empty beer cans on
the coffee table in front of him.  Damn, he still looked sexy!  I guess the
impending sucking of his gorgeous cock by his girlfriend's gay bear
co-worker made him rely a bit too much on liquid courage.  As hot as he
looked, even passed out in a drunken stupor, I wasn't about to take
advantage of him, no matter how many times I'd jacked off to that exact

Jennifer handed me a beer, and said, "Well, there he is: your fantasy
cowboy.  Pretty much his usual state."

I drained the can of beer, turned around, and took the 20 year old girl in
my arms.  "Who needs him?" I smirked, and then gave her the longest,
deepest, most electrifying kiss of my entire life.  It was like I was
pouring all of my sexual intensity into this one hot, long-lasting mouth

We quickly ripped our clothes off, right in front of the unconscious Rob.
I immediately dropped to my knees, grabbed the backs of her sinewy thighs,
and then rubbed my salt & pepper goatee and black mustache all over her
pussy lips while my tongue explored the first cunt I'd ever come in contact
with.  I began sucking on her clit, swirling the tip of my hot tongue all
over it, as I leaked huge amounts of precum on her apartment's carpeting
below me.

Jen bent over to rub her big, silky tits on my gay bear flattop, which had
obviously been a fantasy of hers.  She began shooting cunt juice all over
my thick black bear stache as she was cycling through the orgasms my oral
action was giving her.  For a second, I wondered where this newfound
pussy-eating skill of mine had come from... I had never thought about it
before in my life.  And I didn't even equate it with tonguing hairy gay
bear asses either.  This was different.  A different (hidden?) part of my

I stood up and wrapped my arms around her again, tongue-kissing her with
her own pussy juice coating my facial hair.  Something had been unleashed
in me, something very different from my decades of a gay bear lifestyle.

I grinned and said, "You ready for Daddy to fuck you with his big bear dick
now?", remembering the fantasies about me she'd mentioned at work.

"Oh god YES!" she exclaimed, stroking my uncut eight incher in her right
hand, kissing my hairy pierced nipples.  I was about to cum just from that,
so I said, "You got a bed?  Papa Bear don't like rug burns!"

Jennifer took my hand and quickly led me to their bedroom.  "Wait a
minute," I said before we got on the bed.  "On your knees!" I commanded,
feeling more masculine than ever before in my life.  She did so, probably
assuming I wanted another one of her amazing cum-inducing blow jobs.

Instead, I put my 8-inch cock between her big, beautiful 20 year-old
breasts and started titty-fucking her!  Where was this coming from, I
wondered.  Jen kept those hot globes mashed together as I thrust my dick
between them.  It was so fucking hot to see my huge cock head bursting
forth from between those two hot tits, and Jen even licked the head each
time it thrust up towards her face.  I felt so masculine, so powerful.
Soon, I shouted, "Oh FUCK, I'm cumming!" and Jen's mouth took my entire
cock down to the base once again as I ecstatically enjoyed the second
heterosexual orgasm of my life as I shot my spunk down her hot throat.

Usually, cumming twice in one night is more than enough for me when having
sex with other hot men.  But this night I was nowhere near done with this
first taste of straight sex.  I tongue-kissed Jennifer deeply again,
tasting my own cum.  Then, I turned her around, slapped her ass and said,
"Daddy's gonna fuck your pussy now, baby. Hard."

Jen smiled in bliss and got on all fours on her & Rob's bed.  Again, I
remembered how many times I'd jacked off thinking about Rob fucking my
hairy asshole with his big 10-incher.  But at the moment, all I was lusting
for was being a man fucking a hot 20 year old woman.

I was on my knees on the bed, and rubbed my huge cock head all over her
pussy lips from behind.  "You like that, baby?  You like Daddy's big gay
cock?"  My dick was shining with her leaking cunt juices.

"Oh, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!" she practically screamed as I rammed my
uncut cock inside her intensely hot and wet pussy for the first time.

I felt like I was in another universe or something.  Just entering her
pussy felt better than ANYTHING I'd ever experienced sexually in my life!
Her cunt enveloped my cock and seemed to be massaging the whole of it,
giving me such intense, extreme erotic pleasure.  Again, the thought
flashed through my mind as I roughly fucked her: "This is what a MAN does!"

I reached around to feel on her tits, those amazing things I'd just
titty-fucked.  I'd done this fucking men before, reaching around to feel on
their hairy pecs.  Again, this was an entirely different, even hotter
sensation at the moment.  Jen turned her head to tongue-kiss me as I
squeezed her tits and fucked her hot cunt.  With my tongue in her mouth and
my arms wrapped around her, my nuts started unleashing the most explosive
orgasm of my entire life.  Cum kept shooting and shooting out of my
engorged cock, and we were moaning into each other's mouth as we both came
for several moments.

We laid down on the bed, and I took her in Daddy's hairy muscular arms.
"Fuck," I groaned, still edging on the bliss of my first heterosexual fuck.
Holding this girl in my arms, young enough to be my daughter, I was trying
not to think of the implications this night would have.

I gave her another intense kiss, and my cock shot a blast of post-cum right
on her pussy.  I got up to leave, when Jen said, "Wait!  One more thing."

She had me sit upright in the bed, and then she stood over me.  Then, her
legs straddled the top of my head and started rubbing her pussy lips and
clit all over my salt & pepper gay bear flattop.  This must have been
another of her fantasies, rubbing her cunt over my gay butch haircut.  Very
quickly she was moaning as she poured cunt juice all over my greying
flattop as she came in ecstasy.

She collapsed into my arms, and we began kissing again.  That pussy on my
flattop action had gotten me close to cumming again, so I fucked her pussy
again, this time missionary-style, so that I could look into her eyes as I
fucked her hot and hard.  We both came again while passionately kissing in
the most heterosexual form of sex.

I got dressed and kissed her again at the door, taking the time to also
suck her nipples and finger her pussy once more.  One final kiss and I
left, covered in pussy juice and feeling more like a man than I ever had in
my life.

In the car on the way back to my apartment, I even jacked off again,
thinking about this new completely heterosexual side of myself I had
enthusiastically discovered and explored, and what this would mean for my
established gay bear lifestyle.

The day after my first - very HOT - heterosexual encounter, I was off from
work and glad I didn't have to deal with Jennifer.  Not that I didn't think
about her.  Hell, I jacked off 6 times that day remembering our explosive,
completely straight night of sex.  I remembered how masculine and in charge
I felt during all of our various sexual activities together as man and
woman.  I was Top most of the time with other Bears, but this had been a
completely different kind of manliness.  It seemed like, "THIS is what a
man and a woman are made for, Tom."

I believed in no kinds of religion, had no hang-ups about being gay, did
not secretly want to be straight.  But from the first moment Jen had kissed
me at the department store where we worked, a completely hidden/buried/new
side of my sexuality came blazing forth as a passionate heterosexual lust
for this 20 year old girl.

That night I went to the Hidden Door, a Bear bar in Dallas.  I was so
relieved to find I was still attracted to other hot Bears.  My night of
burning hot straight sex had not erased my homosexuality from me.  It had
just been one night anyway, and originally I just wanted to get my mouth on
her hot boyfriend's 10-inch straight cock.

The next day, Jennifer called out sick at work (probably hungover) as she
often did, and I was again glad to not have to run into her so soon after
I'd feverishly fucked her.  Work was going swiftly, and shortly before my
shift was over, the girl in the next department asked me to help her put up
some shoes in the backroom.

I was just too nice a guy.

I closed my register and went over to the Men's Shoes department where
Amber was waiting.  I think she was about 22, in college, not much else.  I
asked what she needed me to do, while taking notice of her appearance.  She
was stunningly beautiful, with golden-streaked hair and blue eyes.  She had
on a tight green sweater which showed off her shapely breasts, and a tight
skirt revealing curvy, sexy hips.

Just great, I thought.  My straight sex with Jennifer had opened the
floodgates that must have been holding back my hidden heterosexual desires.
I was sizing Amber up with a straight man's eyes, thinking of all the
sexual things I wanted to do to her.  All the ways I desperately wanted to
fuck her.  I'd hoped I wasn't staring too obviously in lust at this girl
who was half my age and who was giving me a delicious, very welcome

We went to the shoe stockroom.  "Jen texted me today," Amber said

"Hungover?" I asked, sizing up where the shoe boxes would go.

"Actually," Amber said with a devious smile, "she said she was getting over
a bear attack."

My face flushed red and I felt a little sick in the stomach.  Of course,
Jen had blabbed about her "conquest" of the openly gay bear who'd never
been intimate with a woman before in his life.  That bitch!

Amber was up on a step ladder, as I handed her boxes in my embarrassment.
She looked down at me, right in the eyes, and said, "That's an adventure
I'd like to experience as well, if you know what I mean."

Despite my gay identity being further threatened, I knew how hard I was and
how strongly attracted I was to this beautiful college girl.  "Really?" I
said.  "You think you can handle this rampaging gay bear?"  I gave her a
sexy grin as I said it.

"Mm-hm," she moaned as I ran my hands up her silky thighs while she
remained on the step ladder.  I kissed the insides of her thighs, as she
pulled up her skirt.  I felt like a heterosexual pro, exciting her while
kissing her thighs and fingering her pussy through her silk panties.

I never thought I'd ever find lacy thongs sexy, but now I did, at age 44.
I didn't remove them, but pulled them over to the side with my fingers and
then jabbed my hot horny tongue into her shaved pussy.  It was heavenly!  I
was leaking precum so much as I ate her out, rubbing my thick black stache
and salt & pepper goatee all over her clit while my tongue stabbed her slit
over and over.  Amber's delicious pussy unleashed a torrent of sweet, hot
pussy juice all over my facial hair as she came and came.

I'd already dropped my trousers, 8-inch uncut dick in hand, stroking, as
she came down from the step ladder.  She rushed into my arms and kissed me
passionately, with even more fervor than Jennifer had two nights before.
This turned me on even more, knowing this young woman so completely desired
me, an openly gay, greying 44 year old bear.

While still tongue-kissing her madly, I rammed my rock hard cock into her
freshly tongue-fucked pussy, hard and rough.  "Oh Tom!" she moaned in
ecstasy before returning to our hot passionate tongue-kissing.  I was
wildly kissing her, feeling on her firm sexy tits, and fucking her pussy
hard as we both approached climax.

I pumped load after load of my hot sperm into her 22 year old tight, wet
delicious cunt as I came in heterosexual ecstasy.  Amber's pussy walls
clamped down even tighter as she also climaxed again, giving me even
greater pleasure from this straight sex.

After we adjusted our clothes, Amber gave me another extremely hot kiss.
"Anytime," she said, fondling my still hard cock through the cloth of my

I felt so macho, I grabbed her voluptuous breasts and said, "I'll
titty-fuck you senseless next time, babe."  I evilly grinned and rushed off
to go clock out.

Again, I jacked off in the car on the way home thinking about my second,
explosively passionate heterosexual experience.  While jacking, I thought
about the other college chicks at the store that Jennifer might have texted
her seduction of a gay bear about to... and jacked even harder.

credit goes to jobman34

Anonymous asked:

hey man, i absolutely understand your obsession and i totally support your blog. i hope there are more updates soon. i'm a gay guy that was kinda belligerent with the straight sex theme until, somehow, i began to catch attention with pussies. at first only guys fucking and eating them, then i also watched only-pussy pics and they make me so horny! i love euroboys and euro films with crossover guys. would it be ok to exchange wanking material through email? i'd love to.

sure, i don’t have much of it though

Anonymous asked:

All this Anon hate is stupid, if you don't like the page or don't agree with it or the people who run it, then fine. But to sit their and spew hate, is just pathetic and doesn't make them any better than you. Besides what does it really accomplish? Nothing. Besides I wouldn't feed into it, if it keeps happening I would A). Delete their messages they send or B). Turn off anon and let them come at you, so to speak.

yeah some dudes are real toughies when they get anonymity and a keyboard